Mazda x #5, 1 Embryo

Mazda x #5, 1 Embryo

FB103 x FB9975, 1 Embryo.

Mazda x #5, 1 Embryo
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$300.00 USD

This auction has been sold to cc3048 at $300.00 USD.

FB103 x FB9975 Embryo.

FB9975 was a Crescent Harbor Bred Cow.  If you look at her pedigree, you will find Kitaguni, Michifuku, 068, and Kikuyasu 400.  Combined with Mazda which adds size and milk, this will be very well balanced progeny. She produced a Jiro sired calf that had the largest ribeye ever measured at Buck Mountain.  You can ask Mike Kerby about that mating.

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