Kage x Michifuku female. 100% Black Heifer

Kage x Michifuku female. 100% Black Heifer
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$4,500.00 USD

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If you study this pedigree closely, you will see something amazing. You have a Kage out of a Michifuku cow out of a full sister to Kage named MS ASUKA 304. This is as close to a full sister to Kage you can get only with Michifuku added whom consider the greatest bull we got from Japan. This breeding was done by design to recapture these great genetics. According to Australian EPD's, Kage has always beaten his full brother Toshiro in production. This heifer, certainly in our minds, is the most interesting Kage daughter in the USA. I will add that the dam we sold to Wagyu Sekai whom has collected her in the past year and sold over $100,000 per them of her embryos. Why sell her? We have 3 full sisters. Powerhouse genetics here.

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