JVP 702 HOMARE-27 Daughter. 100% Red

JVP 702 HOMARE-27 Daughter. 100% Red
Ended at: 1169 days ago
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FB34903 Cow 702.

There are special cows and then there is P702. This is the last calf and she was naturally born out of JVP 702 HOMARE-27. Only two exist in the world. This is one of them. The other is owned in Canada by Wagyu Sekai. Her mother was born in 1997 out of the original import cow JVP 27-HOMARE 128 which was one of the original import cows JVP made in 1994. JVP 27-HOMARE 128 was out of Judo making P702 dam completely unrelated to all Al Wood imports which primarily comprise Heart Brand. JVP 27-HOMARE 128 is now deceased. JVP 702 HOMARE-27 died last year. When I picked up P702 at Bruce Hemmingsen's, I had to bring a Brinks Truck to pay for her. . I did. She was in a pen next to her mother JVP 702 HOMARE-27 whom was just a still unbelieveable cow at 19 years of age. She gave natural birth to P702 at 18 years of age. What amazing genetics. This cow could easily generate several hundred thousand dollars of embryos in her lifetime which has just begun. She is not for everyone. She is for the very serious Akaushi breeders that exist. A cow you can build an entire herd around. If you look at P702 pedigree, it gets even better. Bruce was very smart in paring her with UKB MR SHIGEMARU/803 which has JVP 27-HOMARE 128 in his pedigree as well! She has never been flushed. Just had her first calf which was a natural calf out of our great Shigefuku bull. She is ready to go. If any questions, please call to discuss or come by and see her in person. She is worth the trip alone.