New Lot Added: Heart Brand Red Emperor FB14999 Semen 10 units, Price is per unit.

New Lot Added: Heart Brand Red Emperor FB14999 Semen 10 units, Price is per unit.
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$60.00 USD

This auction has been sold to goat at $60.00 USD.
We have had interest in us offering this semen in this sale.   So here it is. We owned Red Emperor.  He died last year at 17 and we plan to raise his semen price to $250/unit and hold it forever if needed as he is way better than bulls being offered for much more and his semen is limited now. There have been full brothers produced recently but will never touch the original.  The secondary brothers never reach the full potential of any proven original.    Red Emperor progeny have won all major shows in the USA in both Reds and Red/Black combinations.  His EPD's are proven in Australia.  This is the greatest Akaushi bull of all time in our opinion. Sired by Big Al out of Dai 8 Marunami.  We didn't raise Red Emperor and bought him when he was already the King due to his reputation in Australia several years ago. We had to move him all of the way across Australia to collect him while still in quarantine. He was worth the effort. Once his semen arrived in the USA he did nothing but produce the best.  He produced Honjo out of Kaedamaru for Bill Fisher in her final breeding.  Still the King.  Eldon Clausen produced Houston whom won Houston Livestock Show.  The proof is in the results.  Consistently!  A must for all serious Akaushi or Black Wagyu breeders alike.  A very special bull indeed.  All of the things missing in some Akaushi bulls he possesses.  Depth, power, milk, growth rates and marbling.  In Australia, he led in growth epd's in the feedlot.  It is all in one package free of all recessives.  All of the top breeders have used Red Emperor and continue to do so.  Our friend David Blackmore of Australia recently bought 200 units and has been using it in his program there. David is widely considered the greatest breeder outside Japan exporting beef to 14 countries including the USA. We believe Red Emperor's remaining limited semen should be used to benefit the breed and to continue his legacy.  A special bull semen lot is offered here.

First time shown last photo of Red Emperor at 17 years old: