Big Al son. 100% Red Bull

Big Al son. 100% Red Bull
Ended at: 1171 days 17 hours 54 minutes 57 seconds ago
$2,500.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Woolf1987 at $2,500.00 USD.


Full Brother to Sor Big Al that was the high selling bull in the 2017 Steaks are High Sale for $8400. Genetically speaking, you cannot make a much better Akaushi bull. Only original Akaushi genetics exist in this bulls pedigree. Big Al, Hikari, and JVP 27-HOMARE 128. This bull is a carbon copy of Sor Big Al. No need to AI if you have one this good. We were able to acquire 2 embryos from Bill Fisher and this is the bull that we produced. His phenotype matches his pedigree.

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